Monday, January 26, 2009

Some favorite layouts

I think I've been desperately trying to achieve this year is organization! I've been going through all my pictures on my computer and organizing them. Then I decided it was time to update my slideshows on my blogs. I really accomplished a lot in the way of layouts in 2008, so I decided to showcase all of them! When I look at them, it's so hard to pick just 1 favorite, each one tells a different story. But if I had to choose a couple, these would be it:

Looking back at my layouts, it's clear to see what technique I love....distressing! On this second layout, I used paint, which I don't do very often, and I really loved the look I got with it!


MaryNSC said...

I just Love the way U do your stuff.. A little bit of this and that But it Not Too much.. It just Perfect..

wendy said...

This is great! The paint on the second picture turned out fun :)